About Us

We have been lifelong antique lovers.  Our parents and our parent's parents surrounded themselves with old stuff.  Sure there were times when we were told not to play with an old music box or stay off that antique rug, but for the most part all the old things that surrounded us were part of our everyday lives. 

Having our own antique mall is both rewarding and depressing.  Rewarding because we get to see all kinds of neat stuff and even buy some of it from time to time.  Depressing because we see first hand the the purchasing and collecting of antiques is not something that the future or younger generations are all that interested in doing.  They want what they want instantly and don't have much appreciation for quality and history.  A sad scenario for us antiqueoholics.  But we shall perservere and keep moving forward with our mission ...

to bring new blood to this fascinating and rewarding hobby, to find the very best history has to offer, and show it to you!

We are constantly seeking new dealers for our mall.  If you have an interest, please call 717 342 2498 and ask for Mike.


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